A law network with member firms all around the globe

LawExchange International is an extensive law network consisting of dozens of member firms from countries spread around the world. The mission of this association of independent law firms is clear: provide excellent and comprehensive legal services to businesses around the globe. This is achieved by a seamless web of member firms which are located on every continent, through which businesses can request counsel form their trusted local law firm. Consequently, even when doing business in a foreign market, you will have access to a law firm which you can rely on to steer you through all issues and challenges that may arise.

Quality legal service through detailed QA protocols

Any business that uses the services of a member firm is assured of a quality legal service. To ensure this great quality of service, every firm that wishes to join the network has to go through an extensive vetting process. Each firm is carefully selected on several criteria, such as professional competence, integrity and commitment to exceptional service. Moreover, after joining the law network, each member firm is required to observe and implement LawExchange International’s Referrals and Quality Assurance protocols. These protocols ensure that when using the services of any firm in the network, your needs are met in a timely, efficient and effective manner. Part of these protocols is the ‘Integrity of Work Delivery’ rule which states that any member firm must keep true to their word and commitments, which entails delivering on time, within budget and ensuring efficient staffing. Thanks to these strict and detailed QA protocols, you are sure that you are entrusting your business’ legal matters to safe and competent hands when employing a firm which is a member of this international law network.

Find a member firm near you

Doing business in an international market may give rises to legal questions, challenges and conflicts, but with the assistance of this global law network you are ensured great advice and legal representation by a local entity that knows the market and the challenges it offers. Find a member firm near you on the site of LawExchange International and request legal services of the highest quality for your business.