E-commerce with VAT compliancy in mind

E-commerce? Even I use (or are) E-commerce, even though I wasn´t absolutely not aware of it, I even didn´t know what it meant, before somebody wanted to be smart to me and asked me how my E-commerce was doing. During my study I needed to earn money to have a nice active student live (especially in the evenings and the night). I started to work in a sports shop on the Thursday evenings and during the Saturdays. It was fun and I earned, some, money. After some months I found out that I didn´t earn as much as I needed and started to look for another job, which I found in the pub were I spent a lot of evenings and nights and money…. This was the best combination I could think of, combining what I like a lot, drinking beers, and earning money for it too. I started to work Saturday night and due to the fact that I was good and I really liked it, I ended up working at least 6 days a week. I earned finally more money than I was spending, I even left money over, but I didn´t go to the university anymore, never in bed before five in the morning. First I was fully convinced about myself that this was no problem, but after half a year I couldn´t follow anymore and starting to lose control over my study. And my drinking behavior too, I drank too much, something which was also detected by the pub-owner. He warned me that I was there to serve drink for the customers, not for myself and when I continued like that, I would become customer again and somebody else would serve me, instead of myself. As everybody does in these situations, of course I change my behavior and of course I want to continue with working in the pub (beside free drinks, girls seems to be always interested in bartenders). The first weeks after his warning I didn´t touch a class of beer and even went back to the university. There I found out that it was too late and that I better could forget that year and start over after the summer break. During a great evening in the pub, I met a guy who had a shop in glasses and sunglasses, he offered me a beer and I forgot to say no… At the end of the night I was drunk again and this was the start of the end. Two weeks later after being drunk every night, I was fired and was without income and a student, temporary, without study. Sounds not so nice and even sounds like a problem. How to continue my live? The next day’s everything passed my mind and memories came up and left. I needed to get my fingers around myself to move myself in the right direction. The good thing was, I didn´t drink anymore, so this didn´t cost money and I started to think and perform normal again. One day I walked thru the sunny city and met the guy with the glasses / sunglasses shop. We went to drink a coffee on a sunny terrace and talked about everything. I asked him how his business was doing and he was positive about his shop. But, he had the feeling that he was losing revenue to the online, especially sunglasses, web shops. I listed well to his story and after a second cup of coffee we said goodbye. When I came home I went to the internet and searched in Google for sunglasses. It was unbelievable how much web shops were active in the internet and they whole looked and delivered the same, but one thing was clear, they were cheaper as the sunglasses in the shop of this guy. I was thinking what to do with this information, something slowly came up in my head. I started searching were these cheap sunglasses were produced or came from. I found out that they always came from China. I researched a bit more and deeper and found two big suppliers in China. My plan as getting more and more visible. I needed to go to China, to meet these suppliers. Even though I made a mess out of my study, but it was doable picking it up after summer and my pub job, I still had enough money on the bank to afford a trip to China. The week after I met one of the suppliers and explained them my plan. The Chinese are masters in copying everything, son the also would be able to copy brand sunglasses. And of course this was no problem, I asked them when they did this, the sunglasses should 100% look like the originals, but without brand names and logos. No problem, they should produce some of them and three days later I saw the prototypes. They looked 100% the same. Next day I went to the other supplier and went through the same, with the same result. I asked their price and this was even cheaper as I thought. Went back to the first supplier asked them if they could produce and sell to me for the same price as the others, was no problem. I signed with both and agreement, so I secured myself when one was getting in troubles. Thanks to the internet experience I build up during my study, it was easy for me to build a well-designed and SEO proof web shop. When it was online, the SEO off-page part started, a lot of work, but the result was that the web shop was moving to page one, time to order the first 5.000 sunglasses. They were already in the web shop, so when people started to order, I could deliver. I succeeded in getting position one in Google after 4,5 months and business was booming. I had to order 10.000 after three weeks, the thing, I could do this also online. I was trading, using the internet. And my web shop was bringing me lots of money. Is this what they call E-commerce?


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