FIFA 17: How to achieve the success?

It does not matter if you play Ultimate Team, Career Mode or Story Mode, because there is always something new to learn in FIFA 17. It has to be said that the fast paced gameplay from the previous version has suffer an adjustment (minimum, but we can feel it) that make us feel a little bit more conscious about the targeting and shooting system.


But that´s not all, because the Story and Career Mode have been revamped, which means that our choices through the story now have a bigger impact in the future of our main characters. In that sense, we have to carry out some big decisions to become a superstar.



If you´ve played the new Story Mode, it means that you have already seen that our main character, Alex Hunter, can pick from up to 20 current Premier League clubs. It´s obvious that we are going to pick the elite one, but that could be a bad choice.

Manchester clubs should be out of the table, because that means you are going to struggle against great superstars such as Aguero and Ibrahimovic and also against the requirement of an average of 8.0.

We recommend you to select the Marquee teams, like Crystal Palace. Of course, their level it´s low, but they have a very decent squad.


Challenging but flexible is what characterizes the game of this year. For example, you can use the right stick to change the angle of your run up (prior striking the ball).  But the new feature centers on the attributes of your character. For instance, for a curved shot, you need a player with high attributes in that field. Don’t ‘forget to hold R2 on PlayStation and RT on XBOX to check the stats of your current player.


This kicks are more challenging than the other one and even more if you´ve played the last game. This new system need the combination of some buttons, R2/RT to sprint, L2/LT to slow down, the analog sticks to move the player and, of course hold down the shoot button. Even though we don´t like this new system, we are here to help you.

Our main tip is to sprint before shooting. Yes, there is more chance of failure, but there´s even a bigger chance to score (because the shoot is more powerful).

So that´s our tips for today. Stay tuned for the next part in which we are going to continue with this tips. Don´t forget to comment your own tips to help the others and also you can suggest new topics for this or another game.