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Food additives against combat calcium deficiency in your dairy cows

Is calcium deficiency plaguing your herd of dairy cows? Require a direct solution for milk fever? Kimtec International’s products safeguard bovine livestock health. Their anionic salt food additives are the result of years of research and development. If your cows are calving, the weaning process can become such a drain on their calcium levels that it creates a deficiency. Kimtec International’s food supplements will prevent or cure milk fever in before it becomes a problem, making you’re your cows stay healthy and productive.

KatAn®, the best option for calcium deficiency in dairy cows

Newborn calves require concentrated newborns’ milk from their mothers called colostrum. The creation of this special milk ramps up the calcium demand of the dairy cow significantly. This may catch the metabolism of the cow off-balance, causing milk fever. The older the cow, the more prone to this they become, their bones no longer being as quick at releasing calcium. KatAn® in your cows’ daily feed gives their calcium levels a much-needed boost, letting these climb once more and preventing or curing milk fever. Kimtec International has perfected this product over the course of many years. With thorough research and development they have ensured the supplement will significantly reduce dairy cows’ deficiency in calcium. This feed additives research continues to this day, with the aim of developing new methods for ensuring your livestock’s health.

Contact the foremost bovine health experts

Combating calcium deficiency in dairy cows to prevent milk fever? Kimtec International are your partners in bovine health. KatAn® supplements ensure your cattle stays productive and healthy throughout the calving process. Subject to stringent quality control standards for regulatory compliance, these supplements will satisfy your needs as a customer. Shipping globally from locations in many countries, Kimtec International is livestock farmers’ trusted partner, the world over. To get more information on their supplements’ benefits for your livestock, contact them today to obtain.