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GC Biotech shop

GC Biotech provides a lot of products used in biochemical and bioanalytical studies. Our shop offers an incredible amount of high quality materials for delicate experiments and professional analysis. In GC Biotech’s shop one can find a great variety of core reagents, useful sequencing kits, isolation solutions, colouring buffers, markers, co-precipitants, DNase and RNase free agarose tablets and the like.

Our webshop also offers a great deal of devices which can use the base materials mentioned above. For example we sell DeNovix instruments for sound measurements. These spectrophotometers and fluorometers are easy-to-use and have a robust design for long use. Innovative solutions like the built-in android functionality made this line of lab equipment popular all over the world. There are fitting modules, QFX and dsDNA devices. In our shop you can also find BiOptic which is developed and manufactures by a biotechnology company. The Qsep100 is used for detection of bio-molecules like DNA, protein, fluorescent particles and carbohydrates. It’s commonly used in research laboratories, clinics and industrial markets.

In need of equipment

When you want only the best equipment out there you should check out GC Biotech company’s shop. The astounding amount of robots and automated application can easily reduce work time significantly. When one needs machines for molecular biology then TANBead (Taiwan Advanced Nanotech Inc.) is something for you. You can use it for magnetic separation, imnunodiagnostics and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). The product line associated with this is the Maelstrom product line. These devices have undergone an evolution after their company’s succesful production and design of magnetic bead based separation kits. Due to the strictly kept quality regime this equipment for biomolecular purposes is GMP and ISO 13485 certified.

Various base products

A good researcher also needs a good base to start from. In our shop you can find various core reagents, kits for sequencing, isolation of DNA/RNA and more. Agarose tablets without DNase or RNase, coloured and colourless buffers, MangoTag and similar ingredients can also be found in GC Biotech’s webshop.