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Have you experienced a calcium deficiency in your dairy cows?

Then it may be wise to check the economically feasible additives and supplements by Kimtec International. At Kimtec International the researchers and developers are constantly working on new animal feed supplements. Their high quality products are unique and produced under high quality control standards such as GMP and HACCP. If you are a dairy farm owner and want to prevent calcium deficiency after calving, then this may be the solution for your company.  

The KatAn® supports your dairy cows

The KatAn® is one of those high quality products that Kimtec International produces to reduce calcium deficiency in dairy cows. The product consists of potent and palatable anionic salts for dry cow management. They are especially developed to prevent calcium deficiency in dairy cows after calving by lowering the DCAD of the dry cow diet. It is very important for dairy cows to defray during calving, because the calving results in an increase of colostrum production. In result, this increased calcium demand may cause milk fever, which is a severe calcium deficiency within 24 hours. This condition mostly occurs with elder cows. The KatAn® reduces calcium shortage and thus the chance of the dairy cow having a calcium deficiency. It significantly lowers the DCAD which leads to a buffer response that sparks calcium.

Request the help of a specialized company

If you are wondering what the specialists at Kimtec International can do for you, then do not hesitate to contact them. They are more than willing to answer all your questions about the calcium deficiency in dairy cows or on how to prevent milk fever. Kimtec International is one of the leading companies when it comes to dry cow management and transition cow management. With more than 25 years of experience, dairy cow owners are assured of products and advice that specifically fix their problems.