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How to level up in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV characters receive XP when taking part in quests, FATE, dungeons, Palace of the Dead, challenge logs, leves and duty.

Final Fantasy XIV leveling system takes players from level 1 to max level 60. There are many activities that award XP. Completing quests is the most common way of getting XP. Final Fantasy XIV has a main story campaign, side quests and class quests.

If players are leveling their first class, they should definitely focus on story quests and class quests. Story quests allow players to progress further into the game and to unlock dungeons, trials, raids and more. Class quests are necessary for class advancement. Side quests are not mandatory but they provide a nice XP bonus. In general, players leveling their first class can skip side quests if the level difference is too high. Leves are the equivalent of dailies in other MMORPGs. There are many types of leves, players should complete them as long as they’re level appropriate.

FATEs are dynamic events that occur in all Final Fantasy XIV areas. Players must synchronize their character level with FATE’s level to be able to take part in such as event. The reward depends on player’s participation and event’s level. As main story quests involve a lot of traveling, completing FATEs is very easy and convenient. Players are advised to take part in any nearby FATE. Killing mobs is awarded with XP too. Hunting logs provide players with a list of monsters to kill. When a task has been completed, players get an associated XP reward and unlock another task. Challenge logs are mini achievements that reward players with XP for completing various PvE or PvP tasks such as clearing dungeons, taking part in FATEs, crafting items, participating in PvP matches and so on.

Palace of the Dead, the first deep dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV, is a great place to level up. This is a progression style dungeon with a dynamic setting. Duty finder is a “look for group” type of tool that allows players to find groups for dungeons, raids, PvP, main scenarios and such. When completing a duty finder initiated task players receive XP. Duty is a system that gives players a random duty to complete. Final Fantasy XIV players can use foods, items, free company buffs and armory bonus to boost XP gain. They should always logout in a sanctuary zone to acquire the “rested” XP increasing buff.