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Solids Solutions particle research

In various industries, particles and powders form an important basis for products. It is important that the particles have the right properties to develop a successful product. If this is not the case, you can get stuck in the process. For example, because certain substances do not mix well. Solids Solutions has been involved in research in the field of particle and powder technology for many years. We do not only help you with the development of products, but also share our knowledge. You can contact us for seminars, presentations and other events.

Sedimentation of nanoparticles

Solids Solutions deals with particles of all shapes and sizes. Also nanoparticles are part of our research area. These particles exist in natural form, but are also added to products artificially. For example, to ensure that certain substances mix better. Nanoparticles are not all the same size and do not all have the same properties. For the right application, it is important to know more about their specific properties. One method we use for this is differential centrifugal sedimentation of nanoparticles. By looking at the sedimentation rate of the particles in a liquid, their size can be calculated using Stokes’ law.

Dynamic light scattering

Dynamic light scattering is also a reliable method for finding out more about the size of particles. This method is also called laser diffraction, because the particles are illuminated by a laser beam. Based on the scattering pattern of the particles, information is gathered about the size of the particles and the particle size distribution. Would you like to know more about the different techniques or dynamic light scattering of nanoparticles? Then take a look at the Solids Solutions website, or attend one of our seminars. For help with your product development, please contact us directly.