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Toddlers and freshmen jump back into old building Ten Dorpe since new construction has been postpone

The students, parents and staff of the Ten Dorpe nursery and primary school in the city center of Mortsel had imagined the first day of school differently. Normally, the lower classes would be taught in temporary classroom containers during the demolition of the school, but some neighbors put a stop to this at the last minute. “Then we have transformed our annual theme ‘building’ into ‘we dive in’. And whether we have dived into the new school year.”

GO! Kindergarten and primary school Ten Dorpe has not had enough space for years. That is why it was decided to demolish the old building where the kindergartens, the first year and the refectory for the entire school are located and to replace it with a new one. However, this new building has two storeys instead of one and five local residents cannot cope with that. After the city gave the green light for the new building, the neighbors moved towards the province. It is now being investigated whether the complainants’ concerns are justified. Freediving indonesia Amed for more information. As a result, the works, which were to start on 1 September, could not be started at all. Instead of temporary container classes, the toddlers and the first year are still taught in the old building.


“We’ll dive in!”

“In function of the new building, the theme of ‘building’ was originally on the program for the first day of school,” said newly co-director Stef Donckers. ‘We’ll dive in!’.”


“And whether we have dived into the new school year!” Donckers continues. “The team transformed the school entrance into a warm welcome pool with soap bubbles, balloons, jellyfish, shells, beach balls and bubble blowers. All toddlers and students were only too happy to take a graceful jump on the trampoline. That way we made a smooth transition from the holidays to the first day of school. This action was clearly appreciated by the students and their parents.”