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What is an SDS, and who are they meant for?

An SDS is an abbreviation for Safety Data Sheet. The term reveals a lot about what the data sheets actually contains. It’s a document filled with information relating to occupational health and safety for the use of various dangerous chemicals and substances. On this list you not only find what these substances are and what they’re made out of, you’ll also find information concerning how to use the substances in a safe way. And what to do if something goes wrong.

Who are these sheets meant for?

Your employer is required to provide these sheets for safety and health reasons. They must be visible and easily accessible to everyone who works with dangerous chemicals and substances. For instance people who work in production factories and need to know the exact measures, methods and requirements for the storage, use and production of these substances. SDS’s are also found in places like the fire or medical department. Basically any type of work with a certain health risk, is legally required to have a Safety Data Sheet in house. They are not meant for normal consumers like you and me, therefore SDS’s aren’t available for purchase in normal stores. Your employer has to buy these with specialized companies like The SDS Factory.

Where can you find a Safety Data Sheet?

We already gave a few places away where to find these sheets. Workplaces where there’s a bigger risk for your health, like production factories are the number one place where these sheets are found. Also the places where these people are educated about the hazardous substances, like schools and universities, you can find and ask about the Safety Data Sheets. Not only companies who work and produce these substances need to have an SDS, everyone who has anything to do with these substances need one. For instance the transport company who deliver the substances from the source to the factory, or the factory to the store need one. In that way the safety and health of the people who work with dangerous substances and chemicals is best preserved.