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What to read to children?

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We chose three books that should be in your children’s library.

“My herbarium. Flowers and herbs “

Spring is in full swing. In some places the flowers are already in full bloom. It’s time to understand what kind of flowers they are, what benefits, and maybe even harm, these plants carry. And this book will perfectly cope with this task! In it, firstly, you and your children will learn about the most common flowers and herbs: starting with dandelion and ending with dampness. Secondly, the book is made in such a way that you can collect and dry each of these plants right on the page of the plant, thereby creating a real herbarium. And, thirdly, the authors of the book will tell you how to properly create a herbarium and what tools are needed for this. An incredibly fun and useful book for you and your children!

“All flags mean something” by Robert Fresson

Do you know the name of the science that studies flags? Not? We will tell you – vexilology. Such a difficult to pronounce word as a spell will take us to the fascinating and not boring world of flags and banners. From this book, your child will learn the history of almost all the flags of the world, how they were created, what evolutionary path they went through and what this or that element means on them.

“Great discoverers” Paul de Moor and Matthias de Leeuw

This book will reveal to you the mysterious facts from the biographies of the great discoverers. Not all of them were really great, many of them were notorious villains and crooks. But it just so happened that the thirst for profit pushed them to such a distance, where people in a sober mind and good memory would never want to be. Magellan, Drake, Pizarro – seem to us notorious adventurers. However, the authors of the book will also tell us about the noble pioneers who embarked on risky journeys for knowledge, science and the benefit of future generations. Ibn Battuta, Amundsen, Barents, Jeanne Bare, James Cook and many others. The book is written in such a fascinating and non-trivial language that it will be simply impossible for you and your children to come off!

Read to the children every day. Read helpful books. And follow our recommendations. The children’s reading section will be regularly updated with useful and worthy books!

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