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Why everyone should hire tree planting companies

Nowadays, the number of trees which are disappearing to make way for a more urban environment is getting higher and higher. Trees are being replaced by new buildings, pavement and parking spaces. This reduces the oxygen-level in the air and makes it harder for the water to find a natural way back into the landscape after heavy rains. Especially in the current urban environment, there seems to be little space left for adding trees instead of reducing the amount. That’s why, at companies such as Treebuilders, they believe in modern, urban solutions for tree planting. With their advice and help, they create a healthy urban environment in which trees can thrive and mature.

The bioretention system

How do they do this, you ask? They use the bioretention system. This system is designed to treat polluted stormwater runoff from adjacent pavements. The bioretention system uses the root soil volume and does not take up the extra space that ordinary bioretention does. Few tree planting companies use this extraordinary technique, but Treebuilders does. The largest part of the work takes place underground, where the filtering system takes care of polluted water. Often referred to as Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) or Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), the bioretention system is an alternative approach to traditional rainwater management.

This is the best option when you are considering tree planting companies

If you are exploring tree planting companies, Treebuilders is the absolute best option. This company knows that sustainable landscapes are essential for our cities to remain livable. They are the best party to advise city’s and company’s which want to make their environment more tree friendly. Their urban tree planting system allows trees in the urban environment to grow while also providing the best method for sustainable urban water management.